Sunday, January 12, 2014

hi.steven.tu[at] Reference letter from Jeff B.

January, 2014
To whom it may concern
Reference Letter for Steven Tu

In October of 2013 Steven assisted me on an important trip to the Ningbo/Shanghai area to visit numerous manufactures. These manufactures were widely dispersed by over 300 miles and our schedule was very tight. This was my first trip to China and I tasked Steven with coordinating all of our travel and visits. Steven did an excellent job arranging the meetings, scheduling our transportation and reserving our hotels. I was very pleased with his skill at working with my manufactures to get them to provide much of our transportation from one company to another.
Steven is highly educated and he has the ability to comment on relevant current affairs in China and the US, which greatly helped me to understand the different motivations and thought processes of the Chinese business men/women I met with. Steven interacted with the manufactures in a manner that put them at ease quickly and we were able to put together numerous deals on the spot.
It is without hesitation that I recommend Steven to anyone who needs professional Chinese / English services that he provides.
Jeff B.

United States

hi.steven.tu[at] Reference letter from Lennon Rod

I met Steven thru a Online search, 4 weeks of emails to and fro, were spent by me learning and discussing my options having never purchased in or visited China. He found the suppliers/ factory that almost perfectly fitted my needs, all was arranged and purchased by day 2. 
We then visited Yiwu international Trade Market which I believe is a must for all new buyers. However you may not need him down there for more than a day. 
It was enlightening how honest Chinese are to deal with, they are firm, fair but not ruthless. Then once a sale is made very very helpful and friendly. 

Steven was also, we had an agreed cost per day and commission on sales that you need to factor in , but in the along run was worth every penny for us. 
He has a good driver as well, but prices and time frames need to be specific, per hour or per day etc. 
The hotel he recommended near him was great cheap $55 US inc breakfast for a room which was very handy to the Metro and therefore city and other places. 
The only negative is I think Steven should give people a itinerary and time frame of what will be done or where visited at the start of each day or the evening before. 
He also could highlight a few locations within Hangzhou that are a must to see. 
I suggest the Song Dynasty market area at night near Wushan Square and of course the West lake area where you can hire tandem bikes. 

all in all I give him a 8 out of 10 as we achieved all we wanted in 4 days

Lennon Rod