Tuesday, March 24, 2015

whatsapp: 86 136 5666 2948 Transport arrangement

On 23rd, March, I arranged transport for a Spanish client. The client stayed in Hangzhou Hofang international youth hostel. He was picked up at the hotel and sent to Hangzhou Western city business center in Gongshu district. After meeting his paper product supplier, he was sent to Hangzhou East Railway station, from where he went to Shanghai.

Feedback from the client:
Steven. Thank you very much for your help. I appreciated greatly your assistance.
[2015/3/23 21:53:55] J-P P: I am in Shanghai now.
[2015/3/23 21:54:36] J-P P: Most of my suppliers are in Hangzhou area
[2015/3/23 21:54:56] J-P P: So I will like to talk to you so you can explain me your services.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

mip-interpreter[at]foxmail.com Bag factory visit

From 16th to 21th, March, I travelled Hangzhou, Zhengzhou(in He’nan province) and Yiwu(A county-level city in Jinhua, Zhejiang province) with a British client. We visited several bag factories. The bags are not fashion bags, they are for business, like the bag car dealers sell to car buyers, or the bag used to carry dance floor carpet. The client also purchased rucksacks, baseball caps, etc.  We also found a lanyard supplier in Yiwu international market. The client flied out of China from Hangzhou.
The picture was shot in a bag factory. My client was talking with the general manager in his workshop. The guy who was smiling was the general manager.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

mip-interpreter[at]foxmail.com A new reference letter

Background information:

I picked up Geoffrey Chua on 26th, December, 2015 at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport and accompanied his family to a furniture factory in Anji county, Huzhou city. The factory manufactures tables, beds, chairs,drawers, etc. The next day I accompanied them to a factory in Xianju county, Taizhou city. The factory manufactures the same furniture as the one in Anji county, Huzhou city. On 28th, they left from Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport.

"Steven is someone who one can really trust, I needed help to go to different factories in China and they are both far from each other, I didn't expect i could actually get to handle them both if with out for Steven's help. I really appreciated how he is in this not only for the money but because he just cared and wanted to help. Getting his services is so much worth it, you will feel like a local traveling and he brings you to places he knows you are safe and sound. My family loves Steven because he is nice, funny and trust worthy."

                                                                                           Geoffrey Chua