Tuesday, March 24, 2015

whatsapp: 86 136 5666 2948 Transport arrangement

On 23rd, March, I arranged transport for a Spanish client. The client stayed in Hangzhou Hofang international youth hostel. He was picked up at the hotel and sent to Hangzhou Western city business center in Gongshu district. After meeting his paper product supplier, he was sent to Hangzhou East Railway station, from where he went to Shanghai.

Feedback from the client:
Steven. Thank you very much for your help. I appreciated greatly your assistance.
[2015/3/23 21:53:55] J-P P: I am in Shanghai now.
[2015/3/23 21:54:36] J-P P: Most of my suppliers are in Hangzhou area
[2015/3/23 21:54:56] J-P P: So I will like to talk to you so you can explain me your services.

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