Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sourcing projects: security tag, MJ Gaskets and Mechanical Joint Gaskets, Copper Clad Steel wire

Currently, I am sourcing security tag, MJ Gaskets and Mechanical Joint Gaskets, Copper Clad Steel wire. If you manufacture any of the three products, you can contact me.

mip-interpreter[at] English-Chinese Business Interpreter

Email: hangzhou.interpreter[at] (Please replace "[at]" with "@")
Hello everyone, this is Steven Tu. I am an experienced English-Chinese business translator, sourcing agent and China business & investment consultant. I live in Hangzhou, China. I have extensive experience in interpreting for business purposes. I’ve also helped many foreign companies purchase products from China. So far, I have provided services to clients from US, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Indonesia, Chile, Germany, Italy, India, etc. The places I often visit with my foreign clients are Hangzhou, Shaoxing(Keqiao, Shengzhou, Shangyu), Jinhua(Yiwu, Yongkang), Ningbo, Jiaxing, Huzhou, Shanghai. Testimonials from my previous clients available upon request.

I offer the following services:
1. Looking for factories/suppliers
Theoretically speaking, I can source any product. In terms of experience, I am experienced in sourcing bags, fabrics/textiles, garments, bicycles, leather, lipstick cases, derma roller, etc.

2. Trip planning
This includes finding out the addresses of meetings, working out the optimal itinerary, booking necessary train tickets, booking hotels, making appointments, etc.

3. Business interpreting
Interpret meetings for business purpose, usually for purchasing.

4. Looking for potential investors or business partners

Please contact me if you need my service.
Email: hangzhou.interpreter[at] (Please replace "[at]" with "@")
Skype: steven.hangzhou
Phone: (086) 136 5666 2948
Address: Binjiang district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Friday, July 5, 2013

hi.steven.tu[at] Reference letter for Mr. Steven Tu

To whom it may concern

Reference letter for Mr. Steven Tu

I approached Mr. Steven thru the web.

I’ve been surprised so much by this quick answers: I had always the impression that he always stays on the issues that principals are posing to him and he wants to reply and solve anything in a quick time.

His skill to set up meetings and schedules is perfect.

Also by approaching customers he is always serious and diligent.

I’m planning to involve him in some business cooperation I do like to develop in China, because I liked him so much how he works.

For what above I recommend everybody not to hesitate to contact him and work with him just only for translations or even more, because you will be fully happy.

Kind Regards

Alberto Ceria-Italy

Thursday, May 23, 2013

hi.steven.tu[at] Letter of Recommendation for Steven Tu By Adam

Letter of Recommendation for Steven Tu

After deciding to visit China to tour factories, I was quite concerned on making my trip a productive one.  I figured that by simply speaking with the factories and sending some emails back and forth I could just wing the rest.  While doing some general Google searches to prepare for my visit I came across Stevens profile as a “Business Interpreter”.  The testimonies of his previous clients validating his professional and intelligent service got me thinking.  I called and spoke with Steven who spoke very good English, about my upcoming trip.  I became quickly aware at the poor decision I was making in hoping I could just “wing” my trip and make things work.  Hiring Steven became an easy decision although I was still concerned I had never hired anyone from outside the USA, but Steven quickly eased my fears.  Steven immediately began a thorough search of factories meeting my needs, making reservations for hotels, hiring transportation, and creating factory touring schedules.  Steven met me promptly and went directly to work.  Stevens help in interpreting my complex ideas from English to Chinese was invaluable.  Because of his hard work and intelligent understanding I was able to accomplish every goal I had set for my first trip to China.  I would not hesitate to hire Steven again.  On my next visit to China I will hire Steven again.  I am positive that had I not hired him, my trip would have been a waste of time and financial resources.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Industrial Terms: Fabric

 From now on I will share industrial terms from time to time. The subject of this post is fabric.

CVC:  CVC fabric refers to “Chief Value Cotton” fabrics that are made from combining cotton with polyester.  Cotton is a naturally derived fabric, and when it is combined with synthetic fibers like polyester, the fabric is called CVC.  Usually, the cotton content is more than 50 percent of the total combination with polyester.  A CVC fabric may be made of 55 percent or 80 percent cotton with the remaining percentage indicating the amount of polyester used.

PC = Poly Cotton
TC = Tetron Cotton

Tetron = 65% Polyester + 35% Rayon.

T: Polyester
SP: spandex
T/R: polyester/rayon: polyviscose

PP: Polypropylene
PE: polyethylene

In Zhejiang province, most of textile factories are located in Shaoxing, Yuhang and Haining.
In Shaoxing, there is China textile market which is in Keqiao town, Shaoxing county.
In Haining, there is Xucun home textile market which is located in Xucun town.
In Yuhang(in Hangzhou), there is no big textile market, but there are a lot of textile factories over there.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cones of embroidery threads being purchased from a Guangdong factory

Today I helped a UK company buy embroidery threads from a Guangdong factory. This factory produces embroidery threads, but the salesperson in the company doesn’t speak English , even when she speaks Mandarin, you can sense her strong Cantonese accent. They don’t sell embroidery threads to a foreign company, so I have to buy embroidery threads from this company and resell them to my client. My UK client made prompt payment to my Paypal account(Yes, I have a Paypal account and I can accept Payment through Paypal), later I paid the Guangdong company.

I have not yet received the cones of embroidery thread from the Guangdong company, once I receive them, I will send them to my UK client via express delivery immediately.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bag factories visited

From April 14th to 17th, I was the translator for the director of a British trading company. He is one of my regular clients. He flied to Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport. The trip itinerary was Hangzhou-Yiwu-Jiaxing-Pinghu-Shanghai. We mainly visited bag factories during this trip.

Cruiser bicycle factories visited

On March 20th, I accompanied a Singaporean businessman to 6 bicycle factories in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. One  factory was found by my client himself, and the other 5 factories were found by me. We were crazy. We visited 6 factories in one day. The 6 factories were all in Xiaoshan, but they were located in 5 towns. Xiaoshan is a big district of Hangzhou, it used to be a city. Of course we hired a private car, otherwise it would be impossible to visit 6 factories in one day. The client visited each factory very quickly, he told me that he knew what he wanted, so he could do it so quickly. He wanted to find a good cruiser bicycle manufacturer. A cruiser bicycle is also known as a beach cruiser.

In Xiaoshan, there are many bicycle factories, but most of them focus on kid’s bicycles.

China factory/manufacturer/supplier sourcing

Apart from escort interpreting, one major service I provide is factory/manufacturer/supplier sourcing.  It is preferred that you supply precise criteria for me to look for and screen suppliers. The more definite criteria you can supply, the more suitable suppliers I can find for you. You can pay me a certain fee per supplier I find, or you can pay me commission.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Necktie, dress shirt, Shengzhou, Shaoxing

From April 3nd to April 11th, I was hired by CEO of an American necktie company as his interpreter.
We stayed in Shengzhou, Shaoxing. Shengzhou is China Tie City. We visited necktie manufacturers as well as dress shirt manufacturer.
Shengzhou is also crowned as “the capital city of Chinese kitchenware(say, range hood)”, “the capital city of Chinese loudhailer accessories”, and “the production base of Chinese knitting”.

Friday, March 29, 2013

My online presence

My online presence:

1. Google sites

2. Google+
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3. Steven Tu - China | LinkedIn

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4. Travel China Guide


6.Interpreter in

7. Translation

I am based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. I am a business interpreter as well as a sourcing agent. If you need an interpreter/translator in an another city which is far away from Hangzhou, I can ask my friends to help you.

If you feel it is difficult to find suitable factories/suppliers, you can ask me for help. I provide this kind of services.

Visited a carrousel factory

On March 17th and 18th , I interpreted business meetings for two Australian businessmen when they toured a carousel factory. The factory is in Lin’an city. Lin'an City is a county-level city in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China. 
 Below is a testimonial from this company:

"Steven is an excellent Chinese/English translator. He is personable, intelligent and understands how to work across two different cultures. I would recommend him highly"
Dale Smorgon Director
Ride On Entertainment

It takes more than 10 minutes to upload a photo from my computer to my blog.

Hangzhou Interpreter Steven Tu back to his blog

I'm back!

It has been a long time since I wrote last post. Two reasons: 1.  I have two jobs. One is business interpreter, one is sourcing agent. I have been very busy. I have to go out to interpret for my clients. When I don't go out, I need to source factories/suppliers for my clients. 2. I live in Mainland China(Hangzhou, Zhejiang), it is difficult to access blogger from China. Anway, I am about to spend some time updating my blog.

On March 11th, 12th, 13th, I translated meetings for  a Syrian company. They have a textile factory in Syria. Because of the war in Syria, their factory stopped. So they came to China to seek a textile factory as their business partner. They visited factories in Haining, Yuhang, and Shaoxing. All these places are adjacent to Hangzhou. They source curtain fabrics, the width has to be 3.00m after finishing.