Friday, April 26, 2013

Cones of embroidery threads being purchased from a Guangdong factory

Today I helped a UK company buy embroidery threads from a Guangdong factory. This factory produces embroidery threads, but the salesperson in the company doesn’t speak English , even when she speaks Mandarin, you can sense her strong Cantonese accent. They don’t sell embroidery threads to a foreign company, so I have to buy embroidery threads from this company and resell them to my client. My UK client made prompt payment to my Paypal account(Yes, I have a Paypal account and I can accept Payment through Paypal), later I paid the Guangdong company.

I have not yet received the cones of embroidery thread from the Guangdong company, once I receive them, I will send them to my UK client via express delivery immediately.

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