Thursday, May 2, 2013

Industrial Terms: Fabric

 From now on I will share industrial terms from time to time. The subject of this post is fabric.

CVC:  CVC fabric refers to “Chief Value Cotton” fabrics that are made from combining cotton with polyester.  Cotton is a naturally derived fabric, and when it is combined with synthetic fibers like polyester, the fabric is called CVC.  Usually, the cotton content is more than 50 percent of the total combination with polyester.  A CVC fabric may be made of 55 percent or 80 percent cotton with the remaining percentage indicating the amount of polyester used.

PC = Poly Cotton
TC = Tetron Cotton

Tetron = 65% Polyester + 35% Rayon.

T: Polyester
SP: spandex
T/R: polyester/rayon: polyviscose

PP: Polypropylene
PE: polyethylene

In Zhejiang province, most of textile factories are located in Shaoxing, Yuhang and Haining.
In Shaoxing, there is China textile market which is in Keqiao town, Shaoxing county.
In Haining, there is Xucun home textile market which is located in Xucun town.
In Yuhang(in Hangzhou), there is no big textile market, but there are a lot of textile factories over there.

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