Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cruiser bicycle factories visited

On March 20th, I accompanied a Singaporean businessman to 6 bicycle factories in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. One  factory was found by my client himself, and the other 5 factories were found by me. We were crazy. We visited 6 factories in one day. The 6 factories were all in Xiaoshan, but they were located in 5 towns. Xiaoshan is a big district of Hangzhou, it used to be a city. Of course we hired a private car, otherwise it would be impossible to visit 6 factories in one day. The client visited each factory very quickly, he told me that he knew what he wanted, so he could do it so quickly. He wanted to find a good cruiser bicycle manufacturer. A cruiser bicycle is also known as a beach cruiser.

In Xiaoshan, there are many bicycle factories, but most of them focus on kid’s bicycles.

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